About Boomerang Transportation

Boomerang Transportation is a fast-growing logistics company offering freight transportation services across North America. Founded by experienced industry professionals, Boomerang maintains long-standing partnerships with a large, diverse, and highly-qualified group of shippers and carriers. We take a different approach at Boomerang.

Stronger Together

By solidifying relationships with our carrier base, we have a higher level of control and visibility than our competitors. Our drivers know who we are, and we keep them moving consistently. This creates a mutually beneficial system where our trucks provide exceptional communication and customer service because we are partners; a large revenue source and respected colleagues. We believe success is not mutually exclusive – we are stronger together.

High Standards

Throughout years in the industry we’ve learned who we work with is just as important as who we choose to not do business with, ensuring the highest quality of service in the market. The right fit is essential. Boomerang keeps extensive notes on the people, facilities, equipment, and companies we encounter and weed out any poor performers. We maintain the highest standards for ourselves and our partners. When you work with us, you know you are working with the best.
Boomerang Transportation upholds strong ethical values and wholeheartedly believes in doing the right thing. Your priorities are our priorities. So, give us an opportunity, and like a boomerang, you’ll keep coming back!

Ship With Us

Boomerang Transportation understands business. Every shipper needs to minimize costs and delays. Time is money. The cost of wasted time can far exceed shipping expenditures. Imagine the cost of an entire assembly line waiting for raw materials to show up on a late truck.

Haul For Us

Boomerang Transportation views our carriers as our partners and clients. We want our carriers to be successful, so we like to keep you moving. The Boomerang Team actively seeks out profitable loads for carriers who consistently exceed our expectations –and as a result become our preferred carriers.