Boomerang Transportation views our carriers as our partners and clients. We genuinely want our carriers to succeed, and that’s why we like to keep you moving. The Boomerang Team actively seeks out new and profitable loads for carriers who meet and exceed expectations – our preferred carriers who earn our trust. Preferred carriers enjoy priority status for our loads, meaning we reach out directly before offering the business to our larger network. Further, if we do not have a good load for you, our team will actively search for your next ideal haul.

Whether it is your first load, or you have hauled thousands for us, you can always expect respect and professionalism from the Boomerang Team. We require carriers to do the same, to communicate with us proactively and to provide professional customer service to our shippers. We keep notes about our experiences and reward carriers who do right by us. We will phase out carriers that do not meet our expectations.

Let’s be successful together! If you wish to become a preferred carrier with Boomerang Transportation, please keep reading about the benefits below. Give us a call or e-mail and we will offer you a trial load. We take care of the carriers who take care of our shippers!


  • DIVERSITY – Boomerang Transportation works with shippers across North America hauling all kinds of freight. We have lanes that go to every city and state, and can surely find a match for your trucking company!
  • CONSISTENCY – Although Boomerang ships to and from many locations, we also offer dedicated lanes which ship several times per week. Call us at 813-252-4756 and inquire about becoming a preferred carrier.
  • COMMUNICATION – Proactive communication allows Boomerang to handle the challenges of day-to-day shipping operations. We pride ourselves in identifying problems as soon as they occur, giving us a head start on rectifying issues, and we always keep the carrier informed throughout the process.
  • FAIR RATES – Boomerang is not interested in beating carriers down on rates. We fully understand the importance of relationships we maintain with our carrier base, and wish to make money in partnership with our asset-based counterparts.
  • QUICKPAY – Boomerang Transportation offers a variety of quickpay options to keep your company going and growing. Ask us about the different alternatives.
  • INTEGRITY – Our people will always show you the respect you deserve. One of our founding principles is to operate with the highest level of honesty and integrity. We communicate openly and always “do the right thing.”

Let’s make your business BOOM! Call us at 813-252-4756 or email: [email protected]